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January 2022 Oley Valley School Committee Meeting

A Call to Action!!!

We need all hands on deck for the School Board Meeting!

When: Mon, Jan 10th @6:30PM; Weds, Jan 12th and Weds, Jan 19th @ 7:00PM

Where: HighSchool Library

What: Vaccination and Mask Requirements, OVEEP Qualifications, and possible Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Vaccination and Mask Requirements:

The school administration and board have been contacted by ‘a few’ parents with concerns over their children’s exposed threat to COVID-19. These concerns involve requests to reconsider the 2022 Health Plan for the Oley Valley Schools, by reinforcing mask requirements for all students, staff and visitors.

There has been chatter on adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the existing medical requirement for school entry (all school districts are talking about this). This decision is not owned by the ‘Public School’ but by the state department. Please make sure to email our health department to voice your opinion on vaccine requirements and ask for them to define “Vaccine Preventable Disease” as mentioned on their exemption process and to define “Disease Immunity” under (28 PA Code ch.23).

OVEEP Qualifications:

Oley Valley Gifted Program (1st policy listed) (ES) - the administration is potentially looking to remove the IQ test requirement, allowing entry to more students. The current process, students are recommended by their teachers, they take a necessary IQ test to be determined if fit for the program. If the IQ test is removed, we could potentially be setting students up for failure.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms:

It has been brought to our attention, the infamous topic to expand access in the school's bathrooms has come up. This would allow entrance from the opposite gender/sex. It is unclear at this time if this is on the agenda for Oley, we plan to request clarity at Monday’s meeting under “Policy Changes”.


The administration is managed through a series of policies. Without policy, the administration is empowered and able to make decisions that should belong to the community. The current board policies have been placed on 30 day review, only giving us a few days to review. Please take some time and review these policies. Bring any/all questions to the board meeting on Weds. You can always escalate to our team to speak on your behalf if you do not feel comfortable to do so yourself!

Current Policies

New Policies

Do not lose focus; stay vigilant and informed!

Candice Corle

Divided ‘WE’ Stand, United ‘WE’ Fall!

If you would like to be removed from future messaging please respond with "remove me". It may take 24-48 hrs to update our records. Thank you and keep fighting!

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