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August 30, 2021 - "Reading Eagle' Letter to the Editor, "Governor Wolf and the PA DOH"

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Have you ever watched the news and thought, “what agenda are they pushing with this,” or “something tells me that wasn’t the whole story”? Then please keep reading.

The School year is starting. What should be an exciting time for children across Berks County, has become so politically driven, and parents across America are feeling disenfranchised.

I challenge anyone to show me where in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution or even the Bible, it states that a Parent relinquishes his or her parental rights during an emergency, a pandemic or an epidemic.

Pennsylvania became the first state in the nation to put limits on a governor’s emergency powers. Last week Gov. Tom Wolf called for legislators to return to vote on universal masking in schools. The response from our legislators: “No, this needs to remain at the local level.” He then announced a mask mandate on his own, which he does not have the authority to do.

Meanwhile the state Department of Health has been communicating directly with each school community, paving the way for an unrecognizable Pennsylvania. Go to the Department of Health website, click on Coronavirus (COVID-19), Schools, Messages to School Communities and please see for yourself.

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I’m paraphrasing the communication below:

  • August 13, 2021 - This communication was provided as a guide for contact tracing, informing the schools how to perform contact tracing, when to perform contact tracing and why they should. For example, if a child is wearing a ‘well fitted’ face mask, and if they follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC, then they do not have to quarantine. If they were not wearing a mask, or their care-givers made the decision to use a face shield, the children impacted through contact tracing would have to be quarantined. He then noted that masks will remain mandatory on public transportation.

  • August 16, 2021 - This communication was shared to inform the School they could utilize their building as a vaccination site, or another site of their choosing to support the children, teachers, administration, parents and the community in getting vaccinated. They ORDERED the pharmaceutical companies to comply if a school requests this service. They also informed the school communities that testing was available if interested.

  • August 20, 2021 - This communication was delivered to schools, advising them they now have access to testing (for COVID-19). A group from Ginkgo will come into a class and test every student in less than 10 minutes, for FREE! There is no information on parental consent in the direct communication, and it only refers you to finding ‘consent’ outlined on the Statement of Assurances.

Now, back to the opening statement of this letter, “what agenda are they pushing with this,” or “something tells me that wasn’t the whole story”? Guess what? You are right. There is more to the story!

I mentioned previously that Governor Wolf lost his emergency power. “Perturbaré

Go back to the Aug 13th communication, we are informed masks are mandatory on public transportation. Why there? And why optional at some schools? Because Governor Wolf cannot control emergency authority at the local level, he can only control at the state level, and public transportation is at the state level; therefore, he controls what happens on public buses. This does not affect the schools who have their own private transportation.

Why is there guidance on contact tracing if this is managed at the local level? By directing the schools to a resource, not an authority, not a mandate, not an order, that aligns to Governor Wolf, schools get lost in thinking this is mandatory and we should mask children because we will have too many out of school at one time undergoing contact tracing. What impact would that have on the community? And what would that do to our funding? Classic, conquer with FEAR!

In the Aug 16th communication, they are hoping we provide access into the local schools. We don’t know yet, but there could be a nice big bone at the end of this lead. If the schools participate in a state program, they could potentially open themselves up to follow mandates and orders from the state, losing their local authority. Not to mention, utilizing a school to vaccinate the public is actually a safety concern, considering they cannot even open a window these days!

Which brings us to the Aug 20th communication, “A PARENTS’ WORST NIGHTMARE!” NOOO, school is for education. School is not for healthcare. Back to the section where I challenged you to show me, where in our country's greatest documents could we find the section where parents relinquish all of their parental rights. No adolescent can have medical or psychological treatment without the permission and presence of a parent, unless there is an emergency and the medical treatment is to save a life. Still a parent is contacted immediately, when contact is possible. Yes it directs the school to a consent, but again, I question: “what parent in his or her right mind would not be present for a children for a medical procedure (testing or vaccination)?”

By now you should be able to connect this ‘web’ of corruption. One that shows you a power hungry Governor, attempting to regain authority at the local level, even though voters had decided he was not needed nor desired to regulate our schools.

If we do not come together now, put our differences aside (no mask, yes mask, no vaccine, yes vaccine, no equity, yes equity) and stand up for our simple civil rights, who will? The time is not tomorrow, the time is today. Write your congressman and women, Senators, President, Governor, Superintendent, School Board, anyone in the political game and tell them this:



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